Flowers Now


It all started when...

India Arie graced my ears with the soulful song titled Flowers

" In Recognition of the person that you are, in celebration of your heart...
That's why I want to give you your flowers now"


We provide beautiful RECYCLED flowers to recipients IN nursing homes, domestic abuse shelters, cancer centers and more.

We desire to brighten the day of those in need of a little ray of sunshine.

We come in after the special event, dismantle the flower displays and save the containers for the venue, the event group or repurpose them.

We then DELIVER the flowers to well deserving recipients all across Atlanta that need a smile, and what can bring a bigger smile BETTER than flowers!!!

Please DONATE your used flower arrangements SO THAT WE MAY RECYCLE THEM AND bless others!

fill out the reservation form and in the message box, please specify "Flower Pick-Up"